Peter Mezhiritsky

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Tovarisch Mayor (about WWII hero Caesar Kunikov) 2nd edition

Novorossiysk, Russia,  2018. (Paperback, 124 pp).  

Hope, Love and their sister Vera (Russian language) 

LIBES PUBLISHING, USA,  2018. (Hardcover, 550 pp). 

On the Precipice: Stalin, the Red Army Leadership and the Road to Stalingrad, 1931-1942.

Helion and Company, UK  2012 (Hardcover, 384 pp.)

 Kreschatik's Children (Russian language) 

LIBES PUBLISHING, USA,  2016. (Paperback, 336 pp).

 The Notebooks of Major Ruslantsev  (Russian language)

 LIBES PUBLISHING, USA,  2016. (Paperback, 116 pp).


Peter Mezhiritsky (Russian: Pyotr Yakovlevich Mezhiritsky) (born July 12, 1934 in Kiev, Ukraine) a Russian language writer and journalist. He is known primarily as the author of the documentary Reading Marshal Zhukov (1995, 2007 - Russian editions, 2011 - English edition  titled  On the Precipice: Stalin, the Red Army Leadership and the Road to Stalingrad, 1931-1942 ), however he is the author of several commercially published novels and many stories. He belonged to the Shestidesyatniki ("the '60s generation"), the movement of young Soviet intelligentsia, who resisted the Communist Party's cultural and ideological restrictions. However his first books published in 60's received favorable comments from critics. In 1968 Byelarusfilm studio produced a movie based on his first novel. He became a professional writer and a widely published author. But by late 1970's it became evident that the Soviet regime would not tolerate a cultural or a political thaw, and the hopes of being able to write without the pressure from the official censorship faded. In 1979 Mezhiritsky left the USSR and since 1980 lives in the USA. He continues literary and journalistic activity. He is the author of a number of books and articles on topics related to World War II.

Watch the video with P.Mezhirirtsky: 

Caesar Kunikov. The Red Army's legend. (Rus.language)